Sales & Leasing Services

Real estate investing is about buying an appreciating property at the right time and price, building its cash flow and asset value, and then selling it at the right time. Success requires a keen understanding of the market, a winning strategy, and good execution. We provide these services:

  • Provide market information
  • Recommend strategies and pricing
  • Design and produce marketing materials
  • Market on the internet
  • Market to prospective tenants and buyers
  • Facilitate property inquiries and tours
  • Draft and present lease proposals or sale offers
  • Coordinate lease or sale negotiation to the completion of a transaction

Tenant & Buyer Services

Whatever your business, your real estate is a crucial component. Entrusting your real estate needs to us enables you to focus more on your business and to make better real estate decisions. And, while we work for you and represent your interests, typically our fee is paid by the landlord/seller. We provide these services:

  • Meet with you to understand your real estate needs
  • Provide market information
  • Search the market, identify suitable options, and present those options in a comparative summary
  • Coordinate property tours
  • Coordinate space planning
  • Create a competitive situation where landlords/sellers are competing for your deal
  • Draft and present requests for proposal or letters of intent
  • Coordinate lease or sale negotiations to the completion of a transaction